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Whatever injustice shows its ugly face, I will be there, for I am the Pie Man.
―Pie Man's catchphrase
Pie Man
Simple Simpson (Promo Picture)
Hero Information
Alias Homer Simpson
Power Tossing pies
First Appearance "Simple Simpson"

Pie Man is a superhero alter ago of Homer. He invented the persona when the Rich Texan was taunting Lisa at the county fair.

Homer had been previously warned by the police that he'd go to jail if he committed another assault, so he used a quilt as a cape and an empty pie tin with eye and mouth holes cut out for a disguise to avoid recognition.

He then hit the Rich Texan in the face with a pie to humiliate him. From that point on, Homer dressed up in costume as "Pie Man" and smashed pies in wrongdoers' faces.

Chief Wiggum wanted to kill Pie Man. When Wiggum shot him, Lisa discovered that Pie Man was actually Homer. Later, Mr. Burns discovered it too and told Homer to smash pies on people Burns hated; otherwise Burns would reveal Pie Man's identity to the police.

During a visit of the Dalai Lama, Homer revealed himself, but nobody believed him, except Marge. Bart later acted as his sidesick, as "Cupcake Kid". Pie Man appears in the opening sequence of The Blue and The Gray, along with Cupcake Kid.



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