Peter Pan or Peter and Wendy is a Book written by J.M. Barrie. This tells about the Boy who never grows up and flies. Peter comes to the nursery and takes the Darling Children to Neverland (a place where you never grow up) where they have Lost Boys, Mermaids, Fairies (like Tinkerbell), Indians, Crocodiles (like the Tick Tock Crocodile) and Captain Hook and his Pirates.

Disney made a film about Peter Pan. That was released in 1953


It's unknown if there's going to be a Peter Pan Parody Episode of The Simpsons with Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Crocodile, Mr. Smee, Wendy, John, Michael, Lost Boys, Mermaids, Pirate, Indians and the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in this Episode "You Can D'oh" or "You Can (Annoying Grunt)" (it like the parody of the line in Peter Pan You Can Fly).