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Peter Griffin

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Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin
Sex Male
Status Alive
Alias(es) Pete
Hair Brown
Relatives Wife: Lois Griffin

Daughter: Meg Griffin
Sons: Chris Griffin, Stewie Griffin and Bertram
Parents: Mickey McFinnigan and Thelma Griffin
Stepfather: Francis Griffin
Sister: Karen "Heavy Flo" Griffin
Vestigial Twin Brother: Chip Griffin
Daughter-in-Law: Loka
Father-in-Law: Carter Pewterschmidt
Mother-in-Law: Barbara Pewterschmidt
Brother-in-Law: Patrick Pewterschmidt
Sister-in-Law: Carol Pewterschmidt
Grandmother-in-Law: Grandma Hebrewberg

First Appearance "Treehouse of Horror XIII"
Voiced By Seth MacFarlane

Peter Griffin is an obnoxious, boisterous man who lives in Quahog. He has a wife named Lois and three children named Chris, Meg, Stewie, as well as a talking dog, Brian Griffin.


He was seen in the Italian criminal book as a plagiarist (referring to some fans claiming that Family Guy copies The Simpsons).


Peter is violent, sexist, racist, and has anti-Semitic tendencies. He has shot his daughter, killed his father, (although unintentionally because he was drunk) and has struck and cheated on his wife Lois on multiple occasions. He is of Irish descent and the Roman Catholic faith. His personality is very similar to Homer's. However, while Homer can feel guilty for his actions, Peter is incapable of feeling guilt. While he was initially caring, he has of late became an anti-hero.

Treehouse of HorrorEdit

When Homer uses the cloning hammock, Peter Griffin is one of his mutated clones.

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