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Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin are an even greater team than the airforce.
―Peter Griffin's cutaway gag in The Simpsons Guy

Peter Löwenbräw Griffin Senior (born Justin Peter Griffin) is a character from the FOX animated sit-com series, Family Guy. He is an obnoxious, boisterous man who lives in Quahog. He has made many cameo appearances on The Simpsons and one full-fledged one in the Simpsons Family Guy crossover episode The Simpsons Guy.


Peter's first appearance in The Simpsons was in the episode Treehouse of Horror XIII, where Homer Simpson had made multiple clones of himself. One of which was Peter Griffin. This is a joke on the common accusation that Family Guy is a rip off of The Simpsons and that the characters are copies of the originals.

In the episode The Italian Bob, he was pictured in the Italian criminal book as a plagiarist. Another joke referring to claims that Family Guy copied The Simpsons.

In the episode Homerland, he made a cameo appearance in the ending credits, featuring multiple characters from other FOX TV shows, including Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, and Bob's Burgers. Peter's appearance was different in this episode, with him being depicted as a Simpsonized version of himself. He was mostly the same, only with the one key component of his skin being yellow.

Peter made a full-fledged appearance in the episode The Simpsons Guy, which was a crossover between Family Guy and The Simpsons. In this episode, Peter gets a job working for the newspaper comics, publishing his own comic series every day. One of the comics he made offended a lot of third-wave feminists, who were so angry at him, they harassed his family to the point where they had to leave Quahog and temporarily live in a new town. While driving around, trying to find a new place to live, Peter's car was stolen and they had to settle for whatever town was closest to them. This happened to be Springfield. They went there and met the Simpson family and lived with them for a few days. Each member of The Griffin family bonded with a Simpson family member. For Peter, it was Homer who he bonded with because they were both fat, drunken, bumbling dads. Peter and Homer had a lot of fun together, and even tried looking for Peter's stolen car. In the process, they washed cars like girls, accidentally made a pornographic film of themselves drinking gasoline, and built a gigantic, oversized magnet that didn't work because there was no gigantic, oversized outlet to plug it into. Eventually, Peter found that his car was stolen by Hans Moleman, who claimed that he was using it as pants. To celebrate getting his car back, Peter and Homer went to Moe's Tavern and had a party. There, Peter introduced his favorite beer, Pawtucket Patriot Ale, while Homer introduced Duff to him. Although Peter liked Duff, Homer accused Pawtucket beer of being a rip-off of Duff and made a court case about it. Peter and Homer's friendship was torn apart because of this and Peter lost the court case, causing The Pawtucket Brewery to be shut down and for him to lose his job. Peter and Homer then got into a chicken fight style fight, which Peter won. So, Peter went home with his family, and Peter got his job back because nobody would bother actually following through with the whole closing it down thing.


Peter Griffin is a fat, overweight guy. He has short cut brown hair and a big fat head which has become one with his neck. He has big, round eyes and a round nose, and a big mouth. His chin has a very large and deep cleft in it, making the rest of his chin very big and rounded. He wears glasses which are very thin and are the exact same shape and size as his eyeballs, making them pretty invisible at most times. He wears a white buttoned shirt with a collar and slightly rolled up sleeves. He also has green pants and a black belt with a golden buckle. He also has dark brown shoes.


Peter is violent, sexist, racist, and has anti-Semitic tendencies. He has shot his daughter, Meg Griffin. He killed his adoptive father, Francis Griffin (although unintentionally because he was drunk) and has struck and cheated on his wife Lois on multiple occasions. He is of Irish descent and the Roman Catholic faith. His personality is very similar to Homer's. However, while Homer can feel guilty for his actions, Peter is incapable of feeling guilt. Despite all of this, Homer is unfriendly towards his neighbors (especially Ned Flanders) Peter is good friends with his neighbors. Homer is also extremely incompetent in the workplace whereas Peter, is willing to put in effort at the Pawtucket Brewery. While he was initially caring, he has of late became an anti-hero. He is best friends with his neighbors, Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown and Joe Swanson.

Episode Appearances


  • Although technically, Peter is most commonly known as an American, Peter was born in Mexico. His mother attempted to abort him and since abortion was not legal in America at the time, she had to go to Mexico, where there were many notorious places where people performed the illegal procedure. However, by the time she got there, it was too late and she had given birth to Peter via birth tourism. After travelling back to America with him, Peter's mother never legally made him an American citizen, meaning that he's technically a Mexican. In addition to this, Peter's biological father is also Irish, making him a blend of all three.
  • Peter's birth name was actually "Justin" and his middle name was "Peter". Peter changed his first name back to "Peter" again but nothing of his middle name was even mentioned. It's possible that now his middle name is still "Peter", making his name "Peter Peter Griffin".


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