Pet Homer is featured in the simpsons Game on DS. Homer sits on the couch while you hand him unlockable items for him to use. This is an DS exclusive and is a parody to Nintendogs. It appears in the DS-only version of The Simpsons Game.


In Pet Homer, you can feed Homer food, like chocolate or pizza. The more level you beat, the more food you can feed to Homer. However, Homer can get artery-clogging or choking radomly after eating food. You can then use the stylus to drag  hold defibrillator or poke his chest to save him. You can also shave him poke hime to make him happy and make him play tennis. In addition, Homer can also make a phone call to call someone, like Moe or Apu (He brings you Duff Beer), to come. When Homer's energy and mood both goes to zero, he will sleep on the couch to recover them. You can then wake him up by different objects.