Pet Homer is a mini game where Homer sits on the couch while you hand him unlockable items for him to use. It is a parody of Nintendogs and appears in the DS version of The Simpsons Game.


In Pet Homer, you can feed Homer food, like chocolate or pizza. The more levels you beat, the more food you can feed to Homer. However, Homer can get artery-clogging or choking randomly after eating food. You can then use the stylus to drag and hold gne defibrillator or poke his chest to save him. You can also shave him and poke him to make him happy and make him play tennis. In addition, Homer can also make a phone call to call someone, like Moe or Apu (He brings you Duff Beer), to come. When Homer's energy and mood both go to zero, he will sleep on the couch to recover them. You can then wake him up by different objects.


Homer Simpson

When mood is low or empty

  • Hmm, I wonder what the stylus tastes like...
  • I can't even stop planning to go pee. It's too much fun!
  • I think I could be doing this anywhere.
  • Ow, my hands are really getting cramped!

When getting artery-clogging

  • (Grunt)
  • Hey, heart, could you stop attacking for once?
  • Oh great, a heart attack.
  • Why do I always have heart attacks when I'm eating?

When energy is low

  • Everything's getting blurry. Must be sleepy time.
  • (mutters) I'm bored. Sleep time!
  • What's the opposite of wide awake? I'm that one.

When receiving a phone call

  • Hey, I'm bored. Get over here and do something.
  • If you don't come right away, you're no friend.
  • Quick, it's an emergency! I'm sort of bored.

When head is being dragged

When stomach growls

  • I here could go for some eating food right now.
  • Why would someone ever stop feeding me?

When refusing to eat

  • Gross! What do I look like, pizza?
  • I'm gonna have to be WAY more starving to eat that.
  • No way, not eating. Unh-unh, nope!

Moe Szyslak

  • Hey, looking good, ya big piece of crap!

Bumblebee Man


Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

  • I would like to get home in time for sports center.