This article is about the character. For the guest star, see Penn Jillette.

Penn Jillette is an American comedian, illusionist and juggler. He is best known for his double-act with his fellow Teller.


He and Teller once had a show in Springfield. However, in the middle of it, Homer appeared on stage. To get him out, Teller mistakenly talked and then became scared because Penn will beat him. Penn started threatening that he will kill Homer and chased him on stage. Teller then said that Penn will certainly do it, as he isn't the first Teller.

Along with Ricky Jay, Teller and David Copperfield, he switched the trick milk can with a regular milk can to kill Cregg Demon, because he stole all their best tricks. Penn Jillette tried to explain their intention, but was silenced by Teller, because Penn talks on stage and Teller talks offstage, as the curse of the witch, put on them, said. When Lisa was about to save Demon, the four tried to stop her. She threw different thing at Penn who started juggling with them. Unfortunately, he had never learned how to stop. Homer ran to save Lisa, but was captured in the cage by the magicians. Suddenly, The Great Raymondo appeared to rescue Lisa, much to Jay's surprise. Before attacking Raymondo, Penn prepared his two magic wands. Raymondo said that he's just an old man who couldn't fight them all, but he then cut the line keeping the scaffolding above the magicians which fell down on them. Penn's ponytail then burned what meant that the witch's curse was broken. However, Teller revealed him that there never was a curse.