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Cultural references

  • The episode name is a reference to a "Peeping Tom", a name for a male voyeur.


  • On the playground, the Buck-toothed boy is seen without his light blue sweater.
  • This episode self-parodies its opening sequence in one scene, where Bart skateboards past Otto, Sideshow Bob, Helen Lovejoy, Apu and his octuplets, Moe, Jeffery Albertson, Disco Stu, Crazy Cat Lady, The Rich Texan, and Chief Wiggum. It is then revealed that they all go inside Moe's tavern after Bart skateboards past them.
  • When Milhouse says the definition of fie after looking on his cellphone, the definition he gives is identical to the one on Google Translator (used to express disgust or outrage).


  • Bart said that he stayed up until 10:45 and showed a picture of proof. In the picture, the clock in the background actually read 10:44. (this is not an error because he mentioned of staying up until 10:45 and to prove it he showed the picture, which means that he went to bed at 10:45 so the picture does show that he stayed up until 10:45.)
  • Bart was not seen skateboarding past Otto sitting on the bench, yet he is seen going inside the tavern with the rest of the characters. This is probably because Homer was not driving his car, and did not throw the rod at Otto.
  • Nelson says that Bart told him of Marge being presumed as dead, but he texted her earlier.
  • During Bart's escape scene with Marge, his balaclava disappears between shots.
  • During the dinner scene, there are times when Bart rests his head with one hand and plays with his food with his fork in his other hand. Between shots, the orientation changes. When Lisa is talking about the paper on the lay-down table in the nurse's office, Bart is playing with his food with his left hand whilst resting his head on his right. But in the next shot of Bart, he has quickly switched the hands' roles by resting his head on his left hand and playing with his food with his right.
Peeping mom 76

Food with left hand, head on right hand

Peeping mom 77

Food with right hand, head on left hand

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