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  • Homer scales a house and travels on rooftops after Marge asks him to keep distance from her; (Homer also hopped on random surfaces in Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes.)
  • The couch gag is a parody of The Game of Life.
  • "Catatouille" is a parody to the 2007 animated movie "Ratatouille".
  • The title refers to Marge paying Tumi to be Lisa's pal, but it is also a reference to Pay Pal, which is an international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.
  • "Booth Wilkes John" is named after John Wilkes Booth, the man who was responsible for Abraham Lincoln's death in 1865.


  • It was revealed that there is another second grade class at Springfield Elementary School, which according to Lisa, only meets up with her second grade class during tornado drills.
  • Marge paying Tumi to be Lisa's friend is a reference to Mean Girls.
  • Apps in Homer's cellphone:
  • Homer's cellphone is similar to an iPhone 3
  • The original title for this episode is "In The Game of The Father", which is the episode reference for In the Name of the Grandfather.

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