Paula Paul is a female chef, author and television personality.


She had a range of products, including the Puree-Station 3, a food blender. Homer bought one of these food blenders for Marge's birthday and went to get it signed for her at Swapper Jack's. Paula Paul was happy to sign it and even offered to phone Marge up to wish her a happy birthday live on her show.

Homer was eager to give Marge her present and they waited for ages for the phone call, which never came. They eventually found that the cause of this was because Marge's new rabbit had chewed through the telephone wires. They put the wires back together to find several messages left on the answer phone. Paula was becoming increasingly angry with each message, saying that she had put parts of her show on hold just for the phone call. Eventually, Paula told Marge not to read her books or cook any of her recipes again.

Bart then turns on the TV to find that her show, What's on Paula's Window Sill? was still on. On the show, Paula was leading the audience in shouting out hate messages about Marge, greatly upsetting Marge.