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I'd better spray it.

Otolaryngologist is a practicing doctor at the Hibbert Moneymaking Organization.


After Bart is feared to have vision impairments, Marge takes him to the Hibbert Moneymaking Organization. While here, Julius Hibbert admits him to the Optometrist. Bart is diagnosed with a temporary condition known as "Lazy Eye", and gives him large, nerdy glasses. The Optometrist also advices that he should see the Dermatologist. She admits an ointment for him to apply to his scalp, adding to his nerdy look. He is than is admitted to Podiatrist. He gives Bart large black shoes, which once again, adds to his nerdy appearance. He is than taken to the Otolaryngologist. She applies Bart's final treatment, a throat spray. The throat spray distorts his voice, adding the final touches to Bart's new nerdy persona.[1]



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