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Orville J. Simpson
200px-Orville Simpson
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair White
Occupation WWI Veteran (possible) Retired,Policeman
Relatives Grandfather: Howland Simpson/Abraham Simpson I

Uncles: Lou, Hugo and Gaston Simpson
Aunt: Dulcine Simpson
Cousins: Echardt, Bob and Twyla Simpson
Cousins of the 3rd degree: Howie, Zita, Betty and Olivia
Wife: Yuma Hickman
Sons: Hubert, Abraham, Cyrus, Chet, Tyrone and Bill Simpson
Daughter (possible): Hortense Simpson
Grandchildren: Homer, Herbert, Abbie, Valerie and Frank Simpson
Great Grandchildren: Bart, Lisa, Hugo, Maggie, Jessica Simpson and Stanley Simpson
[Ling Bouvier] Adopted great grandaugther. Parents: "Old Tut" Simpson and "Happy" Dinsdale
Sisters: Bonita Simpson, Elrita Simpson and Twitta Simpson
Brother: Boris Simpson
Daughters in Law: Mona, Rita, 15 unnamed and Amber Simpson

First Appearance "Bart Gets Hit by a Car"
Voiced By Hank Azaria
See, son, that's where we're going ... maybe not today, maybe not tomorra'. But someday.
―Orville J. Simpson

Orville J. Simpson, or Great-Grandpa Simpson was born in Canada, as one of the sons of Old Tut and Happy (née Dinsdale) Simpson (the other being Boris Simpson) and the paternal grandfather of Homer Simpson. Orville married Yuma Hickman while still in Canada. and had their first son, Hubert soon afterwards, with Tyrone coming two years later. A few years later, they had their third son, Cyrus. Sometime afterwards, they had their fourth son, Abraham Simpson. He is also the great-grandfather of Bart, Stanley, Lisa, Ling, Jessica, Homer Jr and Maggie Simpson.

Shortly after his birth, Orville, Yuma Hickman and their four sons emigrated to America, and moved into the Statue of Liberty. After a few years of living there, they were forced to move out when they filled the head with too much garbage. Their family then moved to Springfield, North Takoma. Tyrone Simpson left home soon afterwards to move to Dayton, Ohio, where he still lives. In America, Orville and Yuma had another son, and named him Bill Simpson. Abraham and Cyrus grew up, with them both becoming navy pilots in WWII. Cyrus crashed his fighter plane in Tahiti, and moved there permanently, later becoming married to 15 women, to whom he is still married. Bill grew up and became a communist. During the war, Orville and Yuma had their final child, and named him Chet. Orville and Yuma later grew old. If Abe's story about Virgil Simpson is true, he is 1/8 black, making him an octoroon. He is still alive but Abe doesn't visit him or acknowledges his existence, much to Lisa's shock, discovering her Great-grandfather is still alive.

Orville was seen in Heaven by Bart after getting hit by a car,[1] strangling young Abe, hinting the habit is a family trait. He is present in Grampa's story when Grampa tells the family of his arrival in the U.S.[2]

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He is very old and still alive.

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Orville simpson in the episode bart gets jit by a car

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