Oprah Winfrey (b. January 29 1954) is the main talk show host for "The Oprah Show", which aired from 1983-2011.

The real Oprah Winfrey has also appeared on the Simpsons, where her animated form is shown on her talk show approaching the Simpson residence. A slovenly Homer answers shocked, and says he thought the interview was tomorrow.

The character "Opal", featured in episodes, "Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair) Husbands and Knives, and Funeral for a Fiend is a parody of Winfrey and the show, which is called "The Opal Show".


  • A rare clip that appeared on Oprah's talk show in 1992. It has never re-aired since or has ever been released on DVD/video. however, the animated segment was released on Vimeo in 2013.
Behind the Scenes of the Simpsons, part 2-002:39

Behind the Scenes of the Simpsons, part 2-0