Oprah's Puzzle Club - Concert in Golden Gate Park

Oprah's Puzzle Club: Concert in Golden Gate Park is a jigsaw puzzle the Simpson family owns. It is for ages 8 to 80.


Marge suggested to build the jigsaw puzzle as the week's family activity. Maggie and Abe left the room, because the game was only for ages 8 to 80. Bart was going to leave too, but when he saw Milhouse with his rock tumbler, he decided to stay and join the family's activity. Bart and Lisa took puzzle pieces in their lunch boxes to school where they continue to build it. Homer wasn't at work for a week and even saw visions as he saw a big piece of puzzle instead of Lenny's head. When the family almost finished the puzzle, they found out that one piece was missing. While looking for it, Homer found Marge's memory chest that featured a letter she had written about how much she hated him. Meanwhile, Marge found the missing piece under Maggie's eyelids and saw James Taylor's head on it.