Dude, Where's My Ranch?
Old Yeller-Belly
Brake My Wife, Please
Duffman: Are you there God? It's me... Duffman

(A Great White Shark is about to attack Homer because he was flopping around like a hurt seal.)
Homer: O.K Homer, now how did that naked lady from Jaws survive?
(Shark jumps out of the water, face looks like the shark from the movie posters)

Homer: I have no dog!

Dr. Hibbert: Very nice. Did you do the wiring yourself?
Homer: Heck no, the Amish did it! Who knows more about electricity than the Amish?

(Snowball awakes Homer by scratching him in the chest after he passes out in the flaming treehouse)
Homer: Flames? Searing Pains? Black Cat? I must be in Heaven!

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