250px-The Great Train Wreck

Old Steamy is a steam locomotive seen in Bart Simpson: Son of Homer comic The Great Train Wreck.


The engine has been around for over 100 years, and has worked at the Springfield Train yard for years, and then was retired. But, years later, during the 100th anniversary, the people of the train yard decided to bring it out of retirement. Coincidentally, the 4th Grade of Springfield Elementary were on a trip to see the engine move again. But, the engine's driver, Kirk Van Houten, only had his 6th Class train driver's license, so he couldn't take them on the train.

Later, Bart, Martin and Milhouse decide to go on the train anyway, specifically the locomotive itself. However, they accidentally release the regulator, starting the train,and then break the brake. Principal Skinner then joins them from an attempted rescue (which fails).

After a while. the train runs out of coal, stopping it. It is unknown what became of it.


The engine's basis is undecidable. The engine appears to be of Baldwin Locomotive Works design, but it's configuration was never made, so it's fictional. The wheel arrangement appears to be a 2-2-4. with a tender, but in some illustrations it appears to be an 0-4-4.


  • The locomotive, during the story, was actually not in proper condition to be ran.