The Old Quarry is a quarry with a pipe leading into the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


When Homer, Lenny, Carl and Moe were younger, they came here to go swimming. Homer jumped off the cliff as first, only to fall in mud. His friends left t go eating, but Homer noticed a pipe and discovered that something plugged it up. Homer dislodged dirt, releasing a torrent of water that knocked him off his feet. When he sat up, he saw a dead body and started screaming.

Years later, the Simpson family with Chief Wiggum returned here to find out whose body it was. Marge drained the quarry using Burly Paper Towels and they then found the body. They followed the pipe up to the Power Plant where Mr. Burns revealed that he had used the pipe to toss away a dead body of Waylon Smithers, Sr. who died while repaired the reactor core.