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Trivia Edit

  • During the McBain movie, the villains in board room writhe and scream in agony before McBain opens fire.
  • In the McBain Movie, Three of the board room villains are the Spin Doctor, Makeup Man, and Mudslinger from the episode, "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish".
  • Pope John Paul II shows up for the unveiling of The Homer.
  • This episode probably takes place on August 10, 1991, because in the episode "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?" The magazine date says August 11, 1991.
  • The scene of Bart using the word "bastard" to describe Homer's long-lost half-brother (with Bart defending that it's the correct usage of the word ["bastard" meaning "someone born from unwed parents"]) was edited when shown on UK's Sky1 channel and BBC Network.
  • The car that Homer designs (Aptly named "The Homer") is featured in the games "The Simpsons Road Rage" and "The Simpsons: Hit and Run".
  • First appearance of Herb Powell.
  •  When Herbert tells to Homer « As far as I'm concerned, I have no brother! », a reference to the film The Godfather.
  • The Shelbyville Orphanage director looks a lot like Dr. Julius Hibbert, and since he stated that he had spent years searching for his long lost brother, it is a possibility that the one he's looking for is actually Dr. Hibbert.
  • This is the third episode aired by BBC.

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