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My Big Fat Geek Wedding 83
Oh, Edna K is a song sung by Skinner and a choir comprised of Bart, Milhouse and Martin. The song is a parody of The Lion Sleeps Tonight.


Time Clock/Stanley/Tammy/Nikki McKenna/Brody McKenna/Madison McKenna/Rod/Todd/Database/Database's father/Admiral Mann/Otto Mann/Cletus Spuckler/Disco Stu

Berharga berharga itu sholehah itulah bersama sama

Bart/Milhouse/Martin: Oh, Edna K.
Oh, Edna K.
Oh, Edna K.
Oh, Edna K.
Oh, Edna K.
Oh, Edna K.
Oh, Edna K.
Oh, Edna K.
Seymour: Ms. Kabapel, a sad principal is desperate and needy.
If you come, I won't die alone and that's what I'd prefer.
(Milhouse and Martin sing "Oh, Edna K" in the chorus.)
Bart: Oh, please settle for Seymour.
So please come back to the door ... k.


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