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(To the teenager on the skateboard) <Speaks Norwegian> So many meters.
―Coming to Homerica

The Ogdenville Boy is a character from Ogdenville.


After Ogdenville's economy collapsed, due to rats infesting the barley, which was sold to Springfield, the residents of Ogdenville immigrated to Springfield.

The Ogdenville boy was seen at the park, where he commented how impressive one of the teenagers' skateboard tricks were.

Bart decided to show him and the other teens his tricks, which went well until he hit the side of the school bus and dislocated his arm.

As the wall was being built between Springfield and Ogdenville, Bart was spray painting graffiti of Skinner on one of the girders.

The Ogdenville boy suggested Bart should use an acrylic primer, which will allow the graffiti to last longer. Bart thanked him for the tips and it's possible some sort of friendship formed between the two. He has not reappeared since this episode.


In the episode, he is shown to be a nice kid. When really impressed with something, he will exclaim in Norwegian. He's also good at giving advice to other kids, as he gave Bart advice on making graffiti last longer.

Because of that, it's very likely he also writes graffiti himself and could potentially be a troublemaker just like Bart is.


The Ogdenville boy wears a purple and gold shirt, a white jersey with the number "18" over his shirt, long blue pants, and dark blue sneakers. He has long blonde hair.