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The Ogdenville Outlet mall is the Mall located in Ogdenville, a city located in springfield's state southeast of Springfield several hundreds of miles across desert, where the Simpsons went to buy a new TV after having their old TV wrecked by Grandpa[1] in the episode "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield"


The Odgenville Outlet Mall is not unlike Springfield Mall in that it is a large mall, presumably, with hundreds of stores and restraunts within, looking at the size it is depicted to be when it is shown in "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield", though all but two of these many stores are known. In a clothes store named Steppin' Out, which is full of cheap tacky clothes, marge found a chanel suit while rummaging through a clothes stand. Lisa persuaded her to buy it as it was marked down from $5900 to $90. The TV shop named the Appliance Zone Homer and Bart visit is full of phoney brands such as Sorny and Panaphononics


There are only two known stores, that were shown in the Simpsons episode "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield". They are:


Simp Episode – "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield"