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That's the third time that's happened!
―Number 6, after Homer stole his escape boat[src]

Number 6 was a prisoner on The Island.

History Edit

Along with the others, Number 6 was held kept prisoner on The Island "because we know too much." In Number 6's case, he was sent to The Island because he had invented a bottomless peanut bag. He secretly built an escape boat out of toilet paper rolls, toothpicks, plastic forks, scabs, and dynamite, but the boat was eventually stolen by Homer Simpson. This had apparently happened to Number 6 twice before.

Behind the laughterEdit

  • Number 6 is McGoohan's character from the 1960s television series The Prisoner. In The Prisoner, unlike in Menace Shoes, his reason for being kept in the village was never explicitly revealed.

Appearances Edit

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