Springfield Dam (Simpsons Road Rage)
Nuclear Power Plant (Simpsons Road Rage)
Downtown (Simpsons Road Rage)
Bart Simpson: To the Power Plant Run-Off Stream, please. Those Three-Eyed Fish make "mm-mm" good eating!

Ralph Wiggum: At the Power Plant, I saw a flower, and it yelled at me!

Seymour Skinner: To the Power Plant, please. Ahh, those turbines are like poetry in motion!

Marge Simpson: I need to get to the Community Center right away!

Sea Captain: Take me to the Shopping Mall, I need carr-go pants!

Hans Moleman: To the Shopping Mall, please. It's where I go to cry...

Hans Moleman: Take me to the Power Plant; the sound of the Power Generators comforts me...

Mayor Quimby: Can you, please, take me to the Power Plant Office? I need to collect this months bribe.

Professor Frink: Please take me to the Fuel Rod Storage for a legal and environmentally friendly experiment... I hope...

Snake Jailbird: Yo, take me to the Mall, dude! It's one-stop robbing!

Lisa Simpson: To the Power Plant Run-Off Stream, please, I need to collect a Three-Eyed Fish for my Science Class.

Otto Mann: Can you take me to the Mall? There's a sale on Black Sabbath!

Sea Captain: Power Plant. I need fuel for me Nuclear Powered Dinghy.