Use Tutorial to building a nuclear reactor
Real Website? Yes, not similar, though.
First Appearance "Fat Man and Little Boy" is a website that Homer visits for information on how to build a nuclear reactor.

The front page of has a picture of Albert Einstein with several Rutherford atom symbols. The site asks two questions of visitors before they can get to the technical data:

  • "Are you a terrorist?" Homer types "NO."
  • "Would you like to meet someone special but are tired of the bar scene?" Homer types "NO," and says out loud, "I will never tire of the bar scene!"

Homer finds the site to be very useful. It has plenty of information, and he uses it to build a small functioning nuclear reactor for Lisa to take to her science fair. Lisa, however, is concerned about radiation coming from the reactor. She holds a Krusty Brand Geiger Counter up to it, and the counter promptly says, "Whoah! That thing's gonna blow! Drop this toy and run!" Marge, overhearing this, orders Homer to get the reactor out of the house.

Instead of taking it to Lisa's science fair, Homer ends up using the mini-reactor to threaten Goose Gladwell into giving Bart his fair share of the money from the sale of Bart's novelty T-shirt line to Disney. After that, Homer takes the reactor to the dump.

Behind the Laughter

Before the episode first aired, Matt Groening registered the domain, but never created a website.