Norbert "Zack" Van Houten is the Danish uncle of Milhouse Van Houten.


Bart remembers that Milhouse gets Danish butter cookies every Christmas from Solvang, California. He decides to connect Milhouse with his Danish uncle Norbert Van Houten. Waiting at the airport, Uncle Norbert, dressed like Indiana Jones (including hat and bullwhip) arrives by his own biplane, and asks to be referred to as "Zack". After Zack arrives to get Milhouse from the school, Milhouse's popularity escalates even higher.

He and Milhouse then plan to travel across the world in a hot air balloon, but Bart tags along with them. They discover Luann Van Houten and Kirk Van Houten who are trying to escape an island they are marooned on and collide with them in mid-air, but only after Zack calls Kirk a 'Damn Dutchman!'. After Kirk insults the Danish, Zack engages him in a fistfight and tells him he grapples like a girl.

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