Nobel Prize
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For the Nobel Peace Prize with the same name, see Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Prize is a set of awards that are annually distributed in Stockholm.


Bart Simpson told Rabbi Krustofsky that Saul Bellow, the Nobel-prize-winning Jewish novelist, wanted to have lunch with him. Krustofsky came then to the restaurant, and after he looked on the menu he told the waitress that she can tell Mr Saul Bellow that he has lost his appetite.[1] When Marge looked with Selma in the catalog 101 Frozen Pops, she said "it's a Nobel Prize winner, an NBA All-Star! Ooh and one of the Sweathogs".[2]

When Sideshow Bob called Birch Barlow's radioshow he said that he is convicted of a crime he didn't even commit. It's attempted murder and that questioned the charge, arguing that they don't give a Nobel Prize for attempted chemistry.[3]

When Dr. Pryor told Homer that Lisa is gifted, Homer imagines Lisa winning the Nobel Prize. Homer was not so happy about it so he started imagining Lisa wearing a black belt and winning the Nobel Prize for kickboxing. After she received the medal around her neck, she kicked the official who gave it to her.[4]

Lisa and her friends watched the Nobel Price announcements live from Stockholm at 2PM, where the economics award went to Jagdish Bhagwati, which Martin had on their pool before they took the Nobel Peace Prize.[5]


Bart wrote on the chalkboard "I did not win the Nobel Fart Prize".[6]

Homer got a call telling him that he is the winner of the Nobel Prize however, Lisa learns that it's actually for Professor Frink. Frink was so excited that he decided to reanimate his father's corpse in order to have him appear at the ceremony. Unfortunately, the corpse of Frink Sr. went on a rampage stripping organs from others. At the awards ceremony in Stockholm, Frink Sr. tried to make amends with his son for his recent behavior, but he went on another rampage through the audience, stealing the brains of scientists and growing more and more intelligent.[7]