No Teasing
The Butterfinger Group

No Teasing is the first Butterfinger commercial starring The Simpsons. It first aired in October 1988, the year when The Simpsons shorts were still on the Fox program The Tracey Ullman Show.


The commercial opens with Bart telling Lisa and Maggie about the last Butterfinger and teasing them about it. Lisa says that he isn't allowed to tease, but Bart continues to tease. When Bart teases by mentioning the "chocolatey overlayer, the crispity, crunchity peanut buttery inside", Lisa says that if they scream, Bart is dead meat. Bart says that they will not scream. Lisa then takes a deep breath, and then screams "DAAAAD!", to which Bart shoves a half of the Butterfinger in her mouth. Homer arrives by demanding to know what is going on to which Lisa says never mind. Maggie then points to the other half of the Butterfinger and then points to her mouth, saying to Bart to share only the Butterfinger.

2007 remake

A remake of the commercial aired in 2007, where Bart gets in trouble for taking the last Butterfinger.


  • According to some people, this commercial and The Butterfinger Group may be unaired shorts, despite existing on YouTube.