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Nedward "Daddio" Flanders[1]
Nedward Flanders, Sr.
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair Brown
Age 80
Relatives Wife: Agnes Flanders
Son: Ned Flanders
Daughter: Nedina Flanders[2]
Grandsons: Rod and Todd Flanders
First Appearance Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song
Voiced By Harry Shearer
Oh man! Ned spilt ink over my poems! He is a real flat tyre, I mean a cube man! He's putting us on a trip to Squaresville, Mona!
―Nedward when Ned accidentally spilt ink on Nedward's poems.

Nedward "Daddio" Flanders, Sr. is the beatnik husband of Agnes Flanders, the father of Nedward Flanders Jr. and Nediana Flanders and the paternal grandfather of Rod and Todd Flanders.


He and his wife brought Ned to Dr. Foster when they found that he was difficult to control.[3] His father was Neduchadnezzar Flanders and his mother was Winifred Trout.

It is possible he served during World War II. Abraham Simpson once referred to a "Commander Flanders" when scolding Private Charles Montgomery Burns.[4]

Nedsel is still alive, as he was shown attending his son's wedding to Edna.

There is a discrepancy with his name because in the episodes, he is called "Nedward," but in comic issues, as well as the Flanders' Book of Faith's Flanders' family tree, he is called "Nedsel."

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Nedsel looks a lot like his son except for the goatee and his grey hair.

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    Arnie Gumble: Hey! Burnsie got himself some paintings!
    Iggy Wiggum: Wait a minute, we're not supposed to steal from Civilians.
    Abraham Simpson: You want me to report you to Commander Flanders?! Just leave them behind, Burnsie!

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