Nazis on Tap is a short that was originally set to air after "Bart the Daredevil" but was abandoned in the early stages. According to The Simpsons Archive, audio was recorded for the short, characters were designed and it was "maybe storyboarded". According to an inside source that sent information to The Simpsons Archive, the short was "almost an in-joke, between Gracie Films and the animation studio."

TV Guide originally reported that a short would air after "Bart the Daredevil" which was reportedly a surprise to the producers.


An announcer (played by Harry Shearer) says, "And now, a classic short from the Simpsons archive. First released on October 16, 1943."

Homer, in a 1940s version, is in a bar talking to the bartender (who is a dog). Adolf Hitler sits next to Homer and starts pumping him for information. Then Bart comes along, spots Hitler, and chases him.

The final scene is of Franklin Delano Roosevelt giving Bart and Homer a medal for capturing Hitler. Homer starts chasing another man and FDR says, "No, no, that's Joseph Stalin, America's best friend!" The short ends with Bart saying, "Catching Hitler was neato! Next stop, Hirohito! I'm Bart Simpson, the wise-cracking kid."