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  • At the golf course Moe says, "Think of the children! Won't someone please think of the children?" mocking Helen Lovejoy's catchphrase.
  • This episode was censored in Australia due to sexual content and brief nudity.
  • This episode marks the first time Marge's butt can be seen. It can be seen while she and Homer run away from the golf course and after the balloon lands in the football stadium and then hugging Homer.
  • At certain points, Marge's breasts are visible very briefly:
    • They are revealed when she and Homer start to run away from the miniature golf course and she isn't fully turned around;
    • In the hot air balloon, she takes her hands off her breasts for a second;
    • When the hot air balloon lands and Marge falls out of the basket, her hands are on the ground, leaving her breasts exposed;
    • When she and Homer hug in an attempt to cover up, her breasts are visible for a moment before they come together;
      • However, at those times, no nipples can be seen, because the episode wouldn't pass the censors (or the artists didn't think to add details that would only be on screen for half a second).
  • The line where Moe says "Let's monoxide it" and puts a pipe connected to a car's exhaust inside of the miniature golf windmill was edited out of UK airings, despite the actual hose still being put inside the windmill. He still says "Who cares what it is?", however.

Cultural References


  • The windmill was in such a place that when it decapitated the Abraham Lincoln statue, it could have also caused injury to Seymour Skinner.
  • In the Casablanca alternate ending, the piano would not have worked if Hitler was hiding in it the whole time (nor would it have been still standing after the grenade blew up inside of it).
  • When Homer and Marge are inside the windmill of the minature golf course, he remarks "the love nest where I knocked you up". However, in "I Married Marge", Bart's conception occurred inside the castle of the minigolf course. 
  • When the cloud of dust gathers, Ned Flanders seems to peek at Homer and Marge, but doesn't seem to notice afterwards.
  • Frank Grimes is mentioned in this episode as his funeral invitation is in the suit Homer was wearing. This is odd, however, as Homer wasn't wearing his blue suit at the funeral in "Homer's Enemy".
  • When Homer and Marge are seen in the barn, there is a closeup of Marge which shows her dress above her knees. However, in the next shot, her dress is below her knees.
  • While there is a fight scene in the plane restaurant, when Marge stands up a little, her legs are missing, thus showing only the skirt part of her dress.

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