Mrs. Frink
Mrs. Frink
Gender Female Female|- valign="top"
Status Alive
Hair Brown
Occupation Doctor
Relatives Husband: Jonathan Frink (possibly separated)
Son: Unnamed
Father-in-law: Jonathan Frink Sr. (possibly ex-father-in-law)
Mother-in-law: Mrs. Neidelbaum (possibly ex-mother-in-law)
Grandmother-in-law: Granny Frink
First Appearance "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?"
Voiced By

Nancy Cartwright

Mrs. Frink is a wife of Professor Frink. They probably were separated or divorced.


When their son crashed through a window during a demonstration of a remote controlled airplane, Professor Frink said that his wife was going to kill him.

When Professor Frink bought Simpson & Son Revitalizing Tonic, he doubted its effects. However, when he drank it, he turned into a handsome man and with smooth voice asked his wife to have a wild wingding at the cyclotron. She agreed giggling and the couple left.