Mr. Montone is a fictional mobster.


When Principal Skinner offered Bart the position of hall monitor, Bart wasn't sure, because he didn't want to squeal on the students. He imagined himself testifying in court against an Italian mobster, Mr. Montone. Bart, his face obscured and his voice electronically altered to sound like Steve Allen, said that he witnessed Mr. Montone sealing one Mr. Palaccio in an oil drum and rolling him off the pier. Montone reacted angrily to this, as his lawyers glanced at each other nervously. Withdrawing a dagger from his coat, he bellowed "I kill you!" and charged the witness stand as the others in the courtroom dove for cover. Seizing Bart by the neck with one hand, Montone menacingly brandished his dagger with the other. Bart, still sounding like Steve Allen, exclaimed "Ay, carumba!" As Mr. Montone's grip began to tighten around his neck, Bart's fantasy ended. Still unsure about Skinner's offer, Bart only agreed to accept upon learning that the hall monitor gets to wear a sash.