Stark Raving Dad
Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
When Flanders Failed

Trivia Edit

  • In keeping with the mystery of which state Springfield is in, this episode gives misleading clues. The map shown during the essay reading montage shows Springfield's state as being NT. The junk mail Homer receives shows the state as TA, and an enigmatic 6-digit zip code of 192005.
  • In the office of the congressman from Springfield's state, there is a State Seal. It depicts an ear of corn, a star, a beaver and a nuclear power symbol.
  • Barbara Bush wears a pearl necklace in the bathtub.
  • In Dulles Airport, there is a sign reading "Bus Info" and then a phone number. This was the real phone number of the Simpsons' Art Director, and was drawn there without his knowledge.
  • Lenny asks Homer if he had his stomach stapled. Homer would later have his stomach stapled in Husbands and Knives.
  • The Senator whom one of the essay panelists called to alert him of Lisa losing faith in democracy resembles the District Attorney from Krusty Gets Busted.

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