Mother Flippers is a reality TV show on FOX. It features two families swapping mothers.


The Simpson family and Charles Heathbar, his wife Verity and son Ben took part in the swap. Homer ended up hating Verity as she made him spend time with the kids and wouldn't let him do anything fun.

Meanwhile, Charles fell in love with Marge as she was much kinder than Verity. Marge complimented everything he did and complimented Ben too. Charles told Marge he loved her through song while being filmed. Marge told him no though and he decided to get a divorce from Verity.

When they were swapping back, Verity revealed that she was getting a divorce and was going out with Patty Bouvier now.


  • Presenter - Unnamed
  • Cameraman - Doug

Behind the laughter

It is a parody of Wife Swap.