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Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus
Friends and Family
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Cultural ReferencesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Ghosts of two deceased characters such as Maude Flanders and Edna Krabappel appears between Ned Flanders in the stage seats.
  • The broken Springfield sign spells the word "Singed".
  • One of the jokes made reference to the Arnold Palmer drink, that uses lemonade and ice tea. Ironically, Arnold Palmer, the golfer who invented the drink died a few hours before this episode was aired.
  • Mr. Burns was a kid in 1913. This would make him around 110 years old in 2016.

Goofs Edit

  • Maggie is swivel-eyed on the promotional image released for this episode.
  • At the first audition at the bowl, Lisa's headset changes sides between scenes.
  • There was no year 0 BC., as the years went from 1 BC. to 1 AD. However, Homer's ancestor probably doesn't know that.
  • Manjula changes clothes between two scenes.
  • When Mrs. Burns was licking Burns at the pageant, a line appears through her face for a frame.

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