Montgomery Burns State Prison is a former Springfield Concert Hall built by Frank Gehry.


Due to Springfieldians' general disinterest in classical music, it was eventually turned into the prison built by Mr. Burns. Homer and Otto wanted to get a job there. However, Otto switched urine samples with Homer because his urine sample had drugs in it, so Homer didn't get a job.

Later, Homer was arrested for illegally transporting litter after he kicked a can in the street five times when old, obscure laws were later reinstated in order to fill the prison up. During the time at the prison, he became a snitch. However, other prisoners learned it and tried to kill him while all the guards were waiting outside for the fake breakout. Marge came to the prison to save him, because she was the president of the cultural activities board and she was given a key to the concert hall. The prisoners were then stopped by the guards. When Homer told governor Mary Bailey about the prison's conditions, he got released and the governor released all of the prisoners onto a barge.

Known inmates


The prisoners

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  • Homer's cell was on the third floor.