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Mona Leaves-a
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Cultural references

  • This is the third time a title is used based on the famous da Vinci painting called Mona Lisa, the first two being "Moaning Lisa" and "Moe'N'a Lisa".
  • During Homer's 'Difficult Task' a guard references Monk by saying "Ever since you started watching Monk you've been acting like Monk, you're not Monk."
  • After disposing of the guards, Homer makes a reference to the movie Babe by saying "That'll do brick, that'll do".
  • The song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane plays briefly when the Hemp purse is burning and the scent is transferred through the ventilation shaft.
  • When Homer parachutes down to his family using a Union Jack (Flag of the United Kingdom) parachute, James Bond style music plays.


  • The Stuff n' Hug store is a parody of Build a Bear Workshop.
  • This episode is widely considered one of the most tragic episode of The Simpsons.
  • Ironically, Lisa stealing Mona's earrings and giving up on the mountain climb are signs of the rebellious spirit she gave Lisa.
  • This episode marks the final return and death of Mona Simpson.


  • The Simpsons family returns from the Stuff n' Hug store in the evening, but as Homer walks into the kitchen, spinning the "Defender", he stops next to a window and the sky outside is much brighter.

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