Donnie Fatso
Moms I'd Like to Forget
Flaming Moe
Bart: Ew, you're sitting on the toilet!
Marge: When it's closed, it's a chair.

Marge: We called ourselves the cool moms.
Bart: There’s nothing cooler than calling yourselves cool.

Lisa: (in the comic book store) Could we hurry this up? I am really uncomfortable being a girl in this store! (cut to a statue of a busty bikini clad woman chained to a boulder)

Bart: Rumble it is! Right after school! Rain or shine!
(cut to everyone waiting in the rain)
Bart: So we wait for shine then?
(all agree)

Marge: Why do you have to eat peanuts in the shower?
Homer: Can't start the day without that fresh-from-the-circus feeling.

Homer: So, seen any good beer commercials lately?
Man: Asinine! Everything you say is asinine!

Comic Book Guy: The answer is no, and I can say it in Na'vi and Klingon, which are pretty much the same. I have some theories about that, which I will share with you never.

Homer: Ooh, this is late for Marge... I assume. I've never been home at this hour.

Martin Prince: (tears his shirt in rage) Rumble!
Nelson: Just go home.
Martin Prince: (meekly) Thank you.

Groundskeeper Willie: You call that a scar? This is a scar!
Nelson: That's a belly button. Everybody's got one.
Groundskeeper Willie: (sadly) I thought I was special.

Nelson: (sprays Gatorade on Mrs. Krabappel after a dodgeball game)
Edna Krabappel: Hey! I'm not the coach! There is no coach!
Nelson: I know... I just wanted to see if you were wearing a bra.
Edna Krabappel: (puts a hand to her chest and smiles at Nelson)

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