The D'oh-cial Network
Moe Goes from Rags to Riches
The Daughter Also Rises

Cultural references



  • In the scene where Lou is about to dance, Lionel Richie can be seen briefly next to him.
  • A picture of the Pin Pals from "Team Homer" is seen in Moe's Tavern.


  • In the scene where Marge comes up from the basement with the laundry, the basement is in the wrong place and is under the stairs where the closet should be.
  • Allison Taylor appears in the pit twice in the same scene at first but in the second scene there is only one.
  • During the scene with Michelangelo and Pope Lovejoy, when Michelangelo asks him if he wants a clear coating on the paintings to protect it, Lovejoy replies that he will have to "discuss it with his wife". In Catholicism, the Pope is not allowed to marry.

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