Moe's Tavern, or simply called Moe's, is the local tavern in Springfield. The bar is named after its owner: Moe.

It is the only understood tavern in Springfield, although there is a Joe's Tavern in Shelbyville. Moe's is located right next to King Toot's Music Store; however, it will vary occasionally, and has been featured opposite Bart's factory, It Blows (the downtown air conditioner store) and a celebrity club. In the episode Brake My Wife, Please, Moe's Tavern is shown to be only a brief walking distance away from 742 Evergreen Terrace. It is also hinted that the tavern was only kept in business because Moe frequently bribes Mayor Quimby whenever he pays an inspection visit.

About the Tavern

Homer Simpson 2006

Moe's Tavern regular customer, Homer Simpson.

Barney Gumble - shading

Moe's best customer, Barney Gumble.

Moe's is said to be one of the places where "everyone knows your name." You can often find Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson and Barney Gumble here, as well as other background characters and the owner Moe Szyslak. The tavern is notable in many ways. Located on Springfield's Walnut Street, it has the owner's office in the restroom, which is what Moe used as an office where he managed Homer's boxing career in "The Homer They Fall." The backroom often trades in endangered species and harbors fugitives, as well as being taken over by a pack of raccoons. The bar itself has supposedly never been cleaned; this was confirmed in the episode Mayored to the Mob when Homer and Mayor Quimby were in the bar and some cockroaches nearly walked away with Mayor Quimby's "change" (with Moe claiming that they were "taking care of the roach problem", although Mayor Quimby simply stated that Moe "should have seen the hospital", implying that the hospital's health hazards were even worse). The tavern also includes a safe room which Moe uses when held up by Snake and a whale. The Tavern originally didn't have a designated driver policy, but Moe ended up implementing one after its drunken patrons managed to cause an increase in car crashes.[1] (On St. Patrick's Day, Moe often tells the designated drivers to beat it due to not wanting any cheapskates on the biggest drinking day of the year.)[2] It is also open every day of the week except Wednesday, because it is on this day that Moe Szyslak goes to the local homeless shelter to read to the people there, or to the hospital to read to sick kids. The tavern is often robbed by Snake Jailbird. Moe also possesses a double barrel shotgun behind the counter.

Prank Calls

The tavern has been the ongoing victim of Bart's prank calls in the earlier seasons to which he calls Moe for gag names that gets him laughed at by the patrons and ends with Moe threatening bodily harm to whoever prank called him. One prank call backfired on Bart, Hugh Jass, for there was a patron of the same name in Flaming Moe's.

Some of the names include: I.P. Freely (I pee freely) Jacques Strap (Jock Strap) Al Coholic (Alcoholic) Oliver Clothesoff (All of her clothes off) Seymour Butz (See more butts) Homer Sexual (Homosexual) Lotta Cooties (A lot of cooties) Anita Bath (I need a bath) Amanda Hugginkiss (A man to hug and kiss)

Banned patrons

Homer had been banned from the tavern at least twice. The first time was for an incident where he played a prank where he unscrewed a pot of sugar that split onto the bar, causing everyone to vote to ban Homer from Moe's[3]. The second time was for an undisclosed incident where Homer had been late for his tab payment, requiring that he either pay the tab or at least clean up a mess in the restroom that Homer somehow caused, although this particular ban was overlooked when Homer became a bodyguard for Mayor Quimby and accompanied him to the tavern.[4]


Common Patrons

Other Versions

Moe's has been turned into many different businesses in an attempt to obtain more money, such as a hip club, the gay nightclub "Mo's", a family restaurant, and in Homer's Barbershop Quartet its name is "Moe's Cavern", a parody of the club where the Beatles played (the Cavern Club). Here is a list:

  • Mo's (Gay Bar version)
  • Moe's Cavern
  • Flaming Moe's
  • Uncle Moe's Family Feed-Bag
  • The Nag and Weasel
  • Wisky a Moe-Moe (A dream Moe painted) Parody of Whisky a go-go in LA
  • Tokyo Roe's Sushi Bar[5]
  • M (restaurant inspired by college professor.)
  • Meaux's (flash back, in Three Gays of the Condo)
  • Moe's Pet Shop (front for bootlegging operations)
  • Eski-Moe's (Alaska, The Simpsons Movie)
  • Moe's ice cream carnival
  • Joe's Tavern (Shelbyville version)

Moe's patrons (there are two Larrys visible, an error).

S1 tavern

The interior as it appears in the first season


  • In "Moe Letter Blues" Moe mentions moving to Springfield because its zip code on a calculator spells "boobs". This means the zip code for Moe's Tavern is 80085, also in an episode Homer walks to Moe's Tavern and his proud of himself only to find Bart waving at him from their house just up the road, suggesting that Moe's is on Evergreen Terrace and that the Simpson's House Zip code ends in 8008.
  • In "Homer the Smithers", Mr. Burns attempting to reach Smithers, accidentally dials the telephone number for Moe's Tavern. The number is revealed as [tel:7648-4377 7648-4377] which spells out (S-M-I-T-H-E-R-S).
  • Moe often tricks famous bands into performing at the tavern.
  • Some episodes show an apartment above the tavern where Barney lives.
  • It was implied that when it was opened, it was originally called Meaux's Tavern. This was shown in the episode Three Gays of the Condo.
  • In The Simpsons Movie, Moe's was called Moe's Bar, probably in order clear up misconceptions any casual fan/movie goer would have when watching the movie.
  • The prank call to Moe was based on a series of prank calls to a bar called The Tube Bar, owned by a very hoarse voiced man named Red.