The innocence of youth (alas): Dressed in an elegant black suit and tie, Mister Honeybunny is more than just a comforting presence on scary nights. He's a remembrance of a gentler time-a time when a good night hug and a warm smile could send a child like Bart off to land of lollipop dreams, a land of happy little elves and yummy ice cream, a land far removed from the competitive bloodlust and savage mayhem that is Pee Wee Hockey.


In a cruel and heartless act of terror, Bart rips the head off of Mister Honeybunny in order to intimidate Lisa and cripple her ability to compete against him in the little league championship hockey game. This senseless act backfires when Lisa exclaims that Bart has destroyed his own cherished childhood toy. Lisa later taunts Bart by wearing the decapitated head on a chain around her neck during their big game.