Realty Bites
Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
All Singing, All Dancing
Marge: (to Homer) I know you're used to getting hate mail, but I'm not!

Kent: In my long career, I've seen some pretty shabby things, but this putrid fraud out-stinks them all.
Camera Man: Aaaaaaand cut.
Kent: I just wanna thank you folks so much. This has turned out to be a really great story for me!

(Bart has just told the family the truth about the missing tree and presents)
Lisa: Why, you little...(strangles him)
Homer: Lisa, no! (pulls her off Bart) Your hands are too weak! (strangles Bart, who is then kicked by Lisa)
Marge: Stop it! Stop it! (goes to break up them up)
Lisa: I'm killing him!
Homer: No, I'm killing him first! You wait your turn!

Kent: Kent Brockman here for a follow-up with Springfield's favorite hard-luck family, the Simpsons. Folks, any words for the Christmas thief if he's watching?
Homer: Eh, yes… Kent. Uh, hello… jerk. We may never find you, and we should probably all stop looking, but one thing's for sure… you do exist.
Kent: Strong words, strong bewildering words.

Homer: Is this car $15,000?
Salesman: (rubs off the $12,000 price tag) It is now, and because of your loss, folks, I'll throw in the undercoating for two hund---no, four hundred and ninety bucks!
Homer: What a deal! I'd be a sucker not to get it!
Bart: I don't know about this, Dad. Shouldn't we give the money to charity or some—ow!
Salesman: Oh, I'm sorry. I jammed you with my pen.
Bart: Ow! You're still doing it!
Salesman: I know.

Krusty: Fifteen thousand Missoulians? Holy shlamola! Whaddya gonna do with all that kablingy?

Marge: [gasps] What happened?
Bart gasps to see the family glance down at the empty space where the tree and presents had been.
Homer: [mutters] Where's Christmas? Lisa! Where's Christmas?
Lisa: Bart, what were you doing outside?
Bart: I-I don't know how to tell you this, but I came down a little early [starts to cry] I saw a burglar and...he was....he took all our stuff, including the tree!
Marge: We were robbed?! [Bart continues to cry; Homer gasps] How could somebody...
Bart: I know! [sobbing] [The rest of the family comes down to comfort him.]
Homer: [begins to cry] [sobbing]

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