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The Minecraft couch gag is the fifthteenth couch gag of Season 25.


The sky opens and the text says SIMCRAFT with the creeper A from Minecraft in there. The splash text in the logo says Parodies are easy, and instead of entering the Simpsons logo's P, they don't enter anything; it just cuts the scene. Then you see the Simpsons walking near Lard Lad Donuts, where it first zooms there. When they get to the tire fire, they walked on them like Minecraft slabs; they walked on them really weird, like in the game. Then they are seen entering the house. When they sit on the couch, Moe, as a Creeper from the game, says, How you doing?" Then he explodes and all the family disappears, and the leftovers of the couch are the block drops. This is the only couch gag to feature Minecraft.

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