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Fat Man and Little Boy
Midnight Rx
Mommie Beerest
Midnight Rx
Midnight Rx
Episode Number 341
Production Code FABF16
Original Airdate January 16, 2005
Couch Gag The family rushes in and sits on the couch. Nothing happens. Lisa turns to the camera and says "What? Can't we sit on the couch without anything happening?" Homer is then impaled with a large spear, and says "D'oh!"
Written By Marc Wilmore
Directed By Nancy Kruse

"Midnight Rx" is the sixth episode of Season 16. It aired on January 16, 2005.


When Mr. Burns cancels the plant employees' prescription drug plan, Homer decides to get cheap prescription drugs from Canada (with forged Canadian ID papers), only for Grampa, Ned, and Apu to join him on a second trip, which is not as successful as the first; however, when Smithers is at the brink of death because of a thyroid condition, Burns decides to finance one final run (it's easier than teaching someone new the filing system) with the help of his plane, "The Plywood Pelican"[1]

Full Story Edit

Mr. Burns holds a Springfield Nuclear Power Plant employee party at the Springfield Air & Space Museum and Homer takes his family there and when they go into the room for Burns's plane the Plywood Pelican Mr. Burns reveals that he has terminated the employee prescription drug program as said in the invitation there would be a nasty secret. Other businesses in Springfield follow and Dr. Hibbert retires. Homer then tries to get a new job; however, the person who is supposed to give him a new job is just playing online video games. Marge and Lisa then decide to go to a drug dealing company however the accountant is very incompetent and shows a Huey Lewis music video. In the mean time at the Springfield Retirement Castle the employees let the seniors go cold turkey and use alternate methods to give the seniors medication.

Abe then comes to the family's house and him and Homer decide to go to Canada to get drugs for their needs. Homer and Abe then go to Canada while getting fake drug access cards from Johnny Canuck. When Homer returns home he finds the family in the backyard dressed up in Hawaiian clothing congratulating Homer for bringing drugs. Homer then goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to find out Apu can't stand his children crying at night and Ned needs insulin for Rod. Homer then brings them to Canada and after a long drug expedition Ned gives Apu a cup of coffee which is so hot Ned gives Apu a wet towel to wear on his head and his screaming makes him appear to be expressing his faith. The guard then catches Homer and tells him to open the door and out comes a bunch of smuggled drugs.

The four are then sent to jail for life unless they promise never to come back to Canada again. In the meantime, Smithers tells Mr. Burns the termination of the prescription drug program forced him to lose his medication for his throat making it a goiter. Homer and Abe then are so upset about their loss until Mr. Burns comes and takes his Plywood Pelican to Canada with Johnny Canuck filling it with medication. The plane then loses control in a thunderstorm, and Burns releases himself with all three parachutes (one for him, two for his nephew) and Homer and Abe are left to steer clear in a storm. The plane however luckily lands in Springfield in which Chief Wiggum is sleeping in his car and is woken up by the plane crashing. Abe and Homer are then arrested for waking him up, but a group of Springfield citizens tells Wiggum not to arrest them as their smuggling has helped them and they are let free. Mr. Burns rushes to his mansion and cures Smithers and then brings the employee prescription drug plan back into action. Homer is then excited to tell Marge about this, and reveals a mysterious lump on his neck.

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