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Michael D'Amico

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Michael D'Amico
200px-Michael D'Amico
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair Black
Age 8
Occupation Student
Relatives Father: Fat Tony
Mother: Anna Maria
Selma Bouvier
Step-siblings: Ling Bouvier, Unnamed Spuckler Baby
Aunt: Pepita Hernandez
Grandfather: Sancho Hernandez
Grandmother: Coneila Burns
Cousins: David, Levi, Moshe, Murray and Saul
First cousin once removed: Fit Tony
Great-uncle:Mr Burns Distant Relatives Burns Family
First Appearance "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer
Voiced By Tress MacNeille
Michael D'Amico (born 1979) is Fat Tony and Anna Maria's son. A student at Springfield Elementary School, Sherri and Terri describe him as "That weird boy who never says anything".
The Simpsons-Fat Tony

Michael's Dad Fat Tony

Biography Edit

Michael is the son of infamous mafia boss Fat Tony, but he does not wish to follow in his father's footsteps and go into the family business of "waste management". He has a passion for cooking and is a great chef. His mother died when he was younger and he has no siblings.

His father, Fat Tony was once put in a hospital by rival gangs and Michael was offered to take over the mafia for a while. He did not want that and Homer and Bart took over the mafia instead although later he willingly poisoned the gang that had attacked his father. It is unknown what happens to Michael after his father's death, though he may now be in the custody of the new Fat Tony.

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