aka Roger

Councilor Bureaucrat
  • I live in the West coast of the US
  • My occupation is Technician
  • I am just zis guy, ya know?
New here and not sure where to begin?

When you first come to a wiki, you may not know how to make an edit or where to start. Take a few minutes and read the New to the Wiki? page. That will give you some important tips.

If you make a mistake, don't worry. We can fix pretty much all mistakes, with most of them being fixed by clicking on Undo in the History of a page. As long as you're not deliberately causing problems or spamming, an occasional mistake is no big deal.

If you still need help, leave me a message below and let me know what you need help with. I will see if I can answer your questions. If you left a message for me between September and December 2013, you might want to check archive #4 to see if it was answered before the Message Wall became active.


2009/2010: 1
2011: 123456
2012: 12345
2013: 1234
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