Mervin Monroe (also known as Tattoo Parlor Guy) is the proprietor of the The Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlor in the Springfield Mall.


In Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, Bart decides to get a tattoo and is able to trick the Tattoo Parlor Guy into believing he is old enough to get a tattoo. He was able to almost complete the tattoo before Marge pulled Bart away. He got a heart and the word "MOTH" on Bart's arm; all he needed to complete it were the letters "ER".

He appears briefly in Flaming Moe's and A Star is Burns, when Kent Brockman is getting a tattoo during the Eye on Springfield intro.

Tattoo Parlor Guy2


  • He has one known relative in Springfield, Marvin Monroe.
  • He slightly resembles and is possibly an early version of the Comic Book Guy due to them both being overweight, both having a blue shirt and both having a tiny bit of facial hair.


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