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Menace Tooth Society is a song from You Kent Always Say What You Want. The music was written by Alf Clausen and Scott Clausen (Alf's son) and the lyrics by Tim Long. Apparently, the film and song was only supposed to be aired one time only, and even then only in Canada, but the Springfield Dentists used the film without Ludacris's permission.


This tape explains oral hygeine in a way that's exciting for kids.
The U.S. Dental Association Presents: Menace Tooth Society!
(hip-hop music plays)
Tooth Decay:
Damn, baby got bacteria. You wanna stick them to these whiteys?
Gum Disease:
Hey, I'm all down with OPP, Ongoing Periodontal Problems. Break it down!
(Soon people, with Gingivitis and Periodontitis on their shirts break teeth. That is, until a toothpaste named "Luda-Crest" comes along with a toothbrush and flossing)
Hey, you low-life degenerates, stop illin' with the fillin'.
Tooth Decay:
(Luda-Crest splashes toothpaste on him, and the toothbrush and flossing fix the problems)
I'm the enemy of the cavity, unstoppable like gravity, so brush with regularity, or you will face calamity. I'll see you in Atlanta, GA. Dirty, dirty mouth, y'all!
This film is against tooth decay, but it also kind of glamorises it. Mixed signals.
{Homer is dancing)
This is the greatest movie ever!
Dad, that's Ludacris.
I have a right to my views.
No, I mean Cris! Luda-cris Bridges! Right here in the dental plaza.
Hey, man, that video was made for a one-time-only shown in Canada. Understand? Do you?
Well, I'm sorry, there must have been some sort of misunder-
Expect a letter from Cap in the Ass Productions, and its heir legal council, Ms. Melissa Burlingame! Peace out!