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I can't believe I'm playing video games with Bart Simpson. I sketched you so many times in my dream journal.
―Melody Juniper

Melody Juniper is a 3rd grader at Springfield Elementary School and the daughter of Ms. Juniper.


In order to get closer to Ms. Juniper, Principal Skinner arranges a date between Bart and Melody, while the two of them chaperone. Melody happens to be a big fan of Bart, as she keeps a dream journal containing many drawings of her and Bart, including one where they are depicted as a three-headed dragon (where Bart has two heads). The next day, Bart tells her he wasn't interested in dating her, stating that she is more like a sister and that he doesn't like his sister. Melody then walks away crying (while upside down on her hands). This upsets her mother and causes the both of them to leave Springfield. Melody is also shown to be very obsessive over her Raggedy Ann doll.


  • Melody's school record states, "WARNING: ODD. Do NOT take her Raggedy Ann away!"


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