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I'm not pretty, I'm not smart, I'm not talented. I have the same shoe size as Charles Barkley. My prom date was a scarecrow I stole, and he left with someone else. The inside of my hat smells so bad I'm not allowed in most restaurants...
―Meg's final words to Lisa in The Simpsons Guy

Megatron "Meg" (formerly Megan) Griffin is one of the main characters from American animated sitcom, Family Guy. She is the daughter and oldest child of Peter and Lois. She appears in a crossover special, The Simpsons Guy.


In the episode Homerland, Meg appeared in the ending credits. The ending credits had a reprise of the episode's couch gag, where The Simpsons, along with the characters for a bunch of other FOX TV shows such as Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, and Bob's Burgers were all having a 25th season of The Simpsons party. Meg was depicted as a Simpsonized version of herself, looking mainly the same as she does in the Family Guy series, only with the one vital difference of her skin being yellow.

In the episode The Simpsons Guy, Meg had to leave Quahog with the rest of her family to get away from a bunch of angry feminists who were mad at her dad's comics. She went to Springfield and lived in the Simpson house. She soon became good friends with Lisa and they both bonded together because they were both unpopular girls who were usually neglected by their families. Meg spent time with Lisa in her room and became envious of all of her dozens trophies. Meg tells Lisa that she isn't good at anything and Lisa helps her find something she is good at. She goes through an entire list of random things, but none of them seem to fit her. Meg then plays Lisa's saxophone and turns out to be really good at it. In fact, she was so good, that Lisa became jealous and told her that she was terrible at it and said that she should stop playing, which caused Meg to stop liking her. Eventually, the Griffins had to return home because The Simpsons had all gotten in fights with their Family Guy counterparts, and Homer had beaten them in a court case, successfully claiming Pawtucket Patriot Ale to be a rip-off of Duff Beer. Just before Meg left, Lisa came back to her and admitted that she actually was good at playing the saxophone. She gave it to her and said that she could take it home with her in order for her to pursue her dreams of being accepted and finally be treated like she's good at something. However, Peter came by and yanked the saxophone out of her hands and threw it in the trash, telling Meg that there's no room in the car for any carry-ons.


Meg is a short and skinny teenage girl with brown hair and medium skin. Her head is a rounded triangular shape, which is the same shape as her mother's. Her nose is also triangular and pointy and looks like her mom's nose too. She wears a pink beanie cap, thick glasses (Meg has myopia like her father), a pink t-shirt with a white collar, a white trim, and white sleeve rims, blue skinny jeans and white shoes.


Meg is a self-conscious teenage girl who is regarded as awful by most people and never does anything interesting. She has a very low opinion of herself because everyone else treats her like a nobody, which causes her to feel the same way. She is always being abused and neglected by her family, classmates, neighbors, teachers, and even people who don't even know her. However, Meg is a nice girl who never does anything wrong, so she has absolutely no reason to be treated this way. Being mistreated like this for such a long time had led Meg to dislike herself to an extremely large extent. She and her brother Chris are more like friends than siblings, but they are opposites in terms of personality; Meg is short and skinny while Chris is big and chubby, Meg struggles with her self-esteem while Chris likes himself the way he is, Meg is very unpopular at school while Chris is one of the dreamiest and most popular boys in school, Meg is prone to bad luck while Chris has an extremely fortunate life. Meg apparently has no respect for herself or and tends to do gross and humiliating things that a normal person would never do. She cuts herself, eats like a dog, dates inhuman creatures and objects, keeps her babies in her locker, gags herself and barfs, reluctantly admitting that she has weird sexual fantasies, and basically has lost all respect for herself as a human being. Meg initially felt hurt by the things people do to her, but at this point, she hardly even cares anymore and just sees this as the norm.

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  • Originally, Meg's first name was "Megan", but shortly after she was born, Peter had the mischievous idea to write on her birth certificate and change her name to "Megatron", naming her after a character from the Transformers franchise.
  • Meg has the same shoe size as Charles Barkley.
  • Meg cut Lisa's name into her arms after meeting her.


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