Medieval Faiyieyre

Medieval Faiyieyre is a medieval festival that took place at Springfield Elementary.


When Edna Krabappel told her class about the festival, she gave different roles to the students. Martin was a king and Nelson was about going to hit him, until he found out that he was King Martin's guard. Bart was a village cooper. He hated his role, especially when Lisa was a queen. Groundskeeper Willie had to be a village idiot against his will.

During the fest, Bart's poor barrel was destroyed and everyone laughed at him. After he insulted Queen Lisa, he was sent to the prison (actually Principal Skinner's car). Meanwhile, Willie prepared a revenge: a pie with hundreds of rats inside. When Lisa cut the pie, the rats ran out and the panic bursts. Milhouse opened his mouth and several rats jumped inside.

Unfortunately, Bart was blamed for this prank and was expelled from school. Shocked, Bart opened his mouth too and a big rat jumped inside.