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Grand Theft Scratchy
Medal of Homer
Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game

Homer Simpson

In France

  • If this is France, where are the film festivals?

Collecting Flags

  • This would make an exquisite doily!
  • Stupid cowardly flag...
  • I wonder if these burned well as the American flag?
  • This takes care of Marge's birthday!
  • Oh, is this brushed cotton?

Inside the castle

  • I prefer Castle Smurfenstein.

During the escort mission in Africa

  • Gun go boom! Wohohohohoho!

On the SS Reel Crazy

  • Can I have next Friday off?

Rigging C4

  • We should get Maggie some C4 to play with.
  • C4 is so much like Play-Doh, I wonder if it's edible.
  • C4 successfully planted and I still have four fingers and toes.

Attacking S.S. Reel Crazy Sailors

  • Missed me! Missed me! Now you gotta...uh, forget about it.
  • You suck, old-time Smithers!

Bart Simpson

Collecting Flags

  • Le yoink!
  • Merci, sucker!
  • I claim this flag for the United States of Bart!
  • Wow, you guys sure stocked up on flags.
  • My flag now!

Inside the castle

  • Ah, this reminds me of a similar time.

Attacking S.S. Reel Crazy Sailors

  • You suck, Smithers!
  • Now that's a 20th Century beatdown!


  • After you're done with, could I have a cigarette?
  • What can I say? I'm a runner, not a fighter.
  • Ou est la toilette?! (Where is the toilet?!)
  • You've bloodied my slobby nose!
  • I called a general strike!


  • I remember my first surrender. It was with an older girl from school, we surrendered over and over, until I got it right.
  • All these Americans show up and one of them is Jerry Lewis.
  • One of our words have to be a guy or a girl? I don't get it.
  • I was kicked out of mime school because I didn't know that, apparently, you couldn't talk. I mean, what's that all about?


  • Marie Antoinette may have been a spoiled brat, but you cannot argue with her position on cake...
  • Everyone else wakes up to the morning bells, what's Freré Jacques problem?
  • A woman can surrender just as well as a man.
  • Sigh...we always leave surrender...


  • I think I saw a glimpse of Bridget Bardeau whooshing past me on a train once. True story.
  • When the war is over, I'm going to settle down and open a surrendering school for the blind.
  • You can surrender if your heart is pure... Or purée... *evil laugh*
  • Let's make this our best surrender yet!
  • If they want to fight, turn around. They might be willing to shoot you in the back.
  • We must not be cowards to hide from our call to surrender.
  • People say we surrender like monkeys, we show the world that we surrender like men!

S.S. Reel Crazy Sailor

  • Defend our fearless leader!
  • I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! Mr. Burns forever!
  • Why won't you just surrender?
  • You're morbidly obese and I mean morbidly!
  • Why's the little boy in the army?
  • I wish I had a nuclear bomb!
  • Spoiler alert! Don't tell me how the war ends!